Vivek Bindra Viral Video On Domestic Violence With His Wife

Vivek Bindra Viral Video

One of the most famous motivational speakers of India Vivek Bindra is getting one after another controversy these days. Just a week ago Vivek and his company Bada Business has berated by Sandeep Maheshwari on one of the videos of his Youtube channel, where he exposed /blamed that Vivek Bindra is scammer gullible by flogging them illicit online courses which are not adding any value to their lives and in fact is actually a hoax business based on pyramid scheme.

Just a few days later a video on Vivek Bindra went viral where he can be seen physically attacking his wife.


Vivek Bindra Viral Video On Beating His Wife

In this video Vivek Bindra can be seen with his wife in the premises of Supernova West Residency of Noida sector 94, where he appears to be trying to convince her to take her back to home but his wife can be seen offended and infuriated by something. In the later part of the video, it can be seen that Vivek Bindra is in the hospital and her brother is shooting the video where she can be seen talking about how Vivek Bindra has punched her more than 30 times which caused internal injuries in her head.

Vivek Bindra’s wife can be seen in the footage fully covered in bruises and blames that her husband Vivek has violently beaten her on a small issue.


Action On Vivek Bindra For Domestic Violence

On December 14. 2023, Vivek Bindra’ Wife Yanika reported about her husband in Noida’s sector 126 police station. She pressed the charges of domestic violence on her husband, based on the allegations and preliminary evidences FIR was registered against Vivek Bindra under IPC section 323, 504, 427 and 325.
Now, it is a double whammy for Vivek Bindra where the motivational speaker is being called out and accused as a scammer for his business and at the same time his personal life has gotten into a mess as well.

Vivek Bindra Scam Exposed

Maheshwar Peri Expose Vivek Bindra
Maheshwar Peri Exposes Vivek Bindra

Vivek Bindra was first accused by a student/customer of Bada Business on one of the episodes at Sandeep Maheshwari’s channel. Sandeep himself is one of the biggest youtuber of India and has over 28 million subscribers. When the matter got viral on social media, many experts were also seen taking their stand against Vivek Bindra, calling his business an outright scam.

One of such individuals is the founder and CEO of CAREER360 Maheshwar Peri, who is also known for his brave act in busting the scam of IIPM and exposed the fraud Arindham Chouwdhary.

Maheshwari analyzed the ROC data of Bada Business and mentioned that out of two years financial record’s more than 70% income has come from the franchisee stream which clearly means that the business is based on Multilevel Marketing or pyramid scheme. Maheshwar Peri also says that as per the balance sheet of Vivek Bindra’s company they still have the liquid assets in the bank.

Therefore, if few of the defrauded students make the brave move to come forward and file a legal complaint against Vivek Bindra then there are chances that they might get their money back.


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