Manali Satta King Continues To Exploit The Greed Of Unemployed People

manali satta king and matka king
The unemployment in the Himachal Pradesh state of India is at its peak which is turning people to seek support in illegal lotteries like Manali Satta King with the expectation to make a fortune by depending on luck and greed.


Gambling or betting for money in India is highly illegal and punishable offence under the Gambling Act of 1867 but in 13 states of India luck or probability based games are legally permissible under the Lotteries 1998. The regulation on lotteries was once only popular in the states like Kerala and West Bengal where lottery tickets have always been openly sold in a traditional coupon form, enticing the people of the states to try their luck in the hope to make a fortune.

The basic regulations under Lottery Act is applicable in all the Indian States which are authorized to conduct the game but certain level or regulatory reforming powers are also held within the state governments. Unfortunately, the regulations in the Lottery Act are not robust enough to stop the entities or businesses that are running the lottery business in the different states in completely unlawful manner and have leveraged several loopholes that exist in the Lottery Act in the respective states.

Games Like Matka King Or Satta King Are Now Online Making Youngsters Loose Money Faster

In the present scenario, we can say that qualified entrepreneurs who aim to solve problems and build businesses leveraging technology are definitely making their mark. But, ironically, the shady players who are not afraid to take chance on debatable businesses based on fantasy games have leveraged the digitization the most and are also clocking millions and even billions. The most striking thing is traditional offline lottery games like matka king or satta king is now taken up online by some smart business owners and are operating on a large scale.

Games like Matka King were one of the most popular lottery games in India when the game used to be played in offline mode. Now, ever since lottery games like these have gone online, the revenues of the businesses have shot up exponentially and the easy access to the game makes the youth and the working class people fall for a game like like this  more often due to their greed of making quick money.

The rising problem about the easy access of such fantasy or luck based game is really concerning since the legality of such games are in big question. In fact, many policy makers have a clear say on lottery games like this and emphasize that the nature of these games are totally relatable to gambling thus lotteries should be entirely banned.

Observations are made that ever since such lottery games  have gone online, people from states where residents are not legally authorized to play the game are also indulging in them through hundreds of such websites which are luring the youngsters with an organized strategy.

Recently, residents of Himachal Pradesh are found to be taking immense interest in lottery games and fantasy games since the pandemic days. To create the demand of lottery games or gambling many small scale businesses and individuals have introduced websites and have promoted to the target audience of Himachal Pradesh. This can be further damage to youth in the coming days and is very concerning considering the unemployment rate of the state at its all-time high at 33.9 % in 2023.

Research says that website like Manali Satta King, Satta King Manali , Manali Satta Results and many more are operating freely on the web and at the forefront these websites just appear to be digital spaces which publish the results of lotteries in Himachal Pradesh but if we look closely these website are non-secured platforms that are being run by the lottery business owners just to expand their reach among the targeted gullible youth of the state and entrapping them in the game of luck. They are facilitating the lottery purchase in the whole state where lottery is clearly not legal.

Manali Satta King Makes Manali  City Youth Their Target For Online Satta

Undoubtedly, being the tourist hub Manali drives majority of the economy of the Himachal Pradesh state along with the capital city Shimla. Manali is also known for the trade of illicit drugs which brought a stigma to the place from the last decade or so. The youngsters and the small scale business owners of the town are undoubtedly ambitious and have grown financially. Ironically, despite the tourism economy, the city shows a huge indulgence in quick moneymaking tricks.

If we see the traffic of illicit websites like Manali satta king the visitors are in huge numbers and majority of the traffic comes from the town with the working class background or unemployed.  This shows the extreme rise in greed and aspiration among the youth in small cities and towns who don’t flinch before taking shortcuts of gambling by engaging in such gambling websites and expects their lucks to kick in overnight.

It is an unfortunate state where the government turns their eye on illegal developments in the form of websites like Manali satta king which is luring in innocent youth and spoiling the underprivileged people’s life by instilling gambling habits in them.


The Use Of Regional Language Used By Illicit Lottery Sites To Engage More Innocent People

Lack of vigilance by the government IT cell in the state of Himachal Pradesh has seemingly obliterated deterrence from the wrongdoers. Website like Manali Satta King is explicitly manipulating people by dishing out all the information regarding lottery games and creating temptation  among the youth to earn easy money.

In the beginning the website appeared to be publishing just the results of the lottery game matka or satta king from different states and cities, but later on the website smartly made strategic moves to rope in customers by allowing them options to purchase tickets and play the game online. To increase the credibility the website even openly give out hotline phone number to talk to their team for the enrolment process.

The biggest strategic move by Manali Satta King is the use of regional language on their website which created more engagement on their platform as the working class target customer group consume the regional language better. Majority of the gamblers and lottery players are from the working class who have big aspirations but don’t have the legit ways or understanding to make wealth. Thus, they choose platforms like Matka King where they spend or invest frequently to participate in the online lottery or gambling games and hope to hit the jackpot.

The website frequently publishes success and glory stories of players in enticing hindi language to create trust and hope among the website visitors which actually converts more visitors into customers as they participate in the online gambling impulsively.

Andra Pradesh Government Took Stance On Illegal Online Gaming And Gambling Platforms

Among all the states, Andra Pradesh took the matter of illegal gaming and online gambling more seriously. The active government of the state took a strong step and curated the list of 132 websites that offered fantasy games and lottery games without abiding to the Gambling and Lottery Acts of the state.

The state government of Andra Pradesh banned these 132 websites and even insisted the center to take similar steps on a national level. However, till day no strict action has yet been taken by other states or the central government against the illegal gambling and lottery website like Manali Satta King.



Disclaimer: This article is written purely for information purpose only and has no purpose to defame or damage any individual or organization. The information shared on this website are based on the third-party data available publicly on the internet.


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