Prashant Kishore Joins Chandrababu Naidu For Assembly Elections

Prashant Kishore Joins Chandrababu Naidu

Saturday morning Vijaywada airport was buzzed with the press when Prashant Kishore was spotted at the airport.  The veteran poll strategist was immediately circled with question that has he come to Andra Pradesh to meet ex-Chief Minister of the state Chandrababu Naidu.


Prahant Kishore’s co-founded company is campaigning for Jagan Mohan Reddy

Kishore’s co-founded company I-PAC is currently managing the campaign for the active CM Jagan Mohan Reddy’s party YSRCP. However, it’s the previous associates of Prashant Kishore who are in association with YSRCP and responsible for the campaigning of the party for the upcoming elections in the state.

Ironically it is another brainchild of Kishore- Showtime Consulting, is now providing consultancy to the Telegu Dasam Party (TDP). Showtime Consulting was also co-founded by Prashant Kishore and his previous associates are now in charge of the political campaign consulting firm.


Prashant Kishore Will Help TDP Party To Win Lok Sabha Seats

According to the sources, Robin Sharma and Shantanu Singh, who are running Showtime consulting currently and were associates of Prashant Kishore in the past confirmed that they have invited Kishore for additional help in the Assembly elections campaign for Telegu Desam Party and pro poll strategist Prashant Kishore’s experience will be a huge help to give an additional impetus in the campaign. Kishore and the rest of the team of Showtime consulting had a 3 hour long meeting with Naidu.

I-PAC and YSRCP On The Toes After The Naidu and Kishore Tie-up

When the members of I-PAC were asked about this latest add-on to the Showtime team, one of the associate replied that the addition of Prashant Kishore to the TDP campaign will definitely bring them more challenge.

The irrigation minister A Rambabu and the State Home Minister Jogi Ramesh have passed taunting remarks on the social media while indirectly targeting Naidu and Kishore.


Jagan Mohan Reddy On Prashant Kishore

Why YSRCP Is Scared Of Prashant Kishore’s Assistance Towards TDP Party?

Prashant Kishore had run the campaign for Jagan Mohan Reddy’s party in 2019 which they won by a huge margin and gained the power of the state.

Now, when Prashant Kishore is joining hands with TDP, Jagan and his party would fear that Kishore is aware of the entire functioning of the YRSCP party and that he can leverage while designing the campaigning in favour of TDP and Chandrababu.

Prashant Kishore had last provided his political consultancy to Trinamool Congress (TMC) and played pivotal role in the win of Mamta Banerjee in 2021 Assembly election of West Bengal. Prior to that, Prashant is always remembered for his brilliant campaigning strategy for BJP in the 2014 PM elections.


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