PM Narendra Modi Flagged Off First Ever Amrit Bharat Express In Ayodhya Along With 6 Vande Bharat Express

Amrit Bharat Express Ayodya

Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off two new Amrit Bharat Express on Saturday, December 30 and 6 new Vande Bharat express. Prime Minister was in Ayodhya this Saturday and inaugurated two new trains Darbhanga-Ayodhya-Anand Vihar Amrit Bharat Express and Ayodhya-Anand Vihar Vande Bharat Express from the newly constructed Ayodhya Railway Station in person while the other 6 new trains were flagged off virtually including another Amrit Bharat Express which will run between Malda Town and Bengaluru.

While many Vande Bharat Express trains are already running in myriads of routes in Indian Railways network, Amrit Bharat Express is a brand new addition to the Indian Railways fleet.

What’s New In The Amrit Bharat Express?

The Amrit Bharat Express is launched to give a better comfort of the common man of India with extremely appealing outlook and better interiors than the existing passenger trains. Amrit Bharat  Express has an appealing and flashy outlook with Orange and Grey shades with two 6000 HP WAP5 locomotives at the both ends of the train that will make the journey for the passengers  faster than usual with the potential speed of 130 Km/hr.

Amrit Bharat Express Coaches

Amrit Bharat Express will have 22 coaches out of which 12 second class reserved coaches and 8 unreserved coaches for the passengers. The other two remaining coaches in the train will be used as guard compartments.

The Amrit Bharat Express has been designed to accommodate differently abled passengers with special sections dedicated for them.

The interiors of Amrit Bharat express appear to be more spacious and ergonomically designed which will definitely give a feel-good factor to the Aam Admis of the nation.

Seats In Amrit Bharat Express

From the look of Amrit Bharat Express seats, the train does not look that is designed for the ordinary class passengers as the purplish-red or magenta colored cushioned seats gives a premium feel to the interiors. Even in the unreserved coaches, the train will provide cushioned luggage racks and fully glass-paneled large windows.  The passengers will also get modern charging ports beside their seats in the train with holders to rest their smart phones while charging.

Toilets In Amrit Bharat Express

Unlike the other ordinary passenger trains in the Indian Railway Network, Amrit Bharat Express will offer zero waste FRP modular toilets in the unreserved and reserved coaches. Officials mentioned that the quality of the toilets in Amrit Bharat Express is equivalent to that of Vande Bharat Express.

Amrit Bharat Express Ticket Price

The train tickets in both reserved and unreserved classes will be 17% higher than the tickets in the corresponding class of other express/passenger/mail trains. Considering the upgrade in the quality of the interiors and the increased speed of Amrit Bharat Express, passenger shall not find any problem in paying the slightly increased fares for a rather comfortable journey. Here is the complete distance-based ticket fare of Amrit Bharat Express:

amrit bharat express ticket price
Source: Times Of India

Schedule Of Amrit Bharat Express Darbhanga-Ayodhya-Delhi Route

Train no. 15557/15558 Amrit Bharat Express will run b-weekly from Darbhanga and Anand Vihar railway stations. Train no. 1557 Amrit Bharat Express will depart from Darbhanga station every Monday and Thursday at 12:35 PM and will take around 21 hours to reach its destination Anand Vihar.  Train no. 15558 Amrit Bharat Express will start from the  Anand Vihar railway station of the capital city on every Tuesday and Friday at 3:10 PM and will take just over 20 hours to reach Darbhanga station.



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