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Timothy Treadwell Bear Attack Incident Still Gives Chills

timothy treadwell

Timothy Treadwell was enamored of a lethal predator!

A film-maker and wildlife enthusiast, Timothy Treadwell was an individual who was hated in the conventional society for his eccentric mannerism and extreme ideology. Timothy Treadwell loved the ferocious Grizzly bears, till one of them killed him and his beau in the spring of 2010.

Death Was Due To His Overstay In The Forest Of Alaska 

Timothy Treadwell was one of his kind man, who believed that, to understand an animal behavior in-and-out, you have to adopt their style of living, and this ideology drew him every year to the frigid terrain of Alaska, during every summers to study the infamous Grizzly bears.

The year 2010 was no different for Timothy. He was euphoric when he left home along with his brave girlfriend. Similar to the every past season, the wildlife enthusiast camped in the thickets of the pine trees, ensuring that he can’t be spotted by the patrolling team of the sanctuary.  Although, he had completed the legal formalities to conduct his scientific research in the park, but according to the protocols, one could only be permitted inside the national park till the end of September, as October is the breeding season for the bears.

Destroyed Campsite After Grizzly Bear Attack

Max, a professional chopper-pilot and a good friend of Timothy, gave an emotional press-conference later in October, and revealed bunch of information related to Timothy Treadwell’s death. He enunciated, “When we didn’t receive any information from Timothy for weeks, we were fretted and finally decided to launch a search operation. After finally locating the camp-site, as we approached the area, I had sensed that something awful must have occurred there. The next sight was appalling, the remnants of Timothy and Miranda’s body lying around the decimated tent, a gory sight which still haunts me and shakes my soul each day.”

Video Footages Recovered From The Grizzly Attack Spot

Grieving Max also handed over dozens of video tapes, which were recovered from the accident spot. The federal authorities commissioned a special team to probe the video tapes and analyze the whole tragedy.  Experts concluded the reason of death for Timothy and his lover’s death after coming across a small audio file, which was filled with painful screams of the couple and growling sound of the bear, that mauled the couple to death and consumed them.

Soon after the closure of the case, Discovery Network aired a whole one hour documentary program, dedicated to Timothy Treadwell. The show came with the name, Grizzly Man – Timothy. The montage included various clips consisted all the information regarding his research. Several footages revealed that Timothy Treadwell was different from other scientists or researchers, and believed in building a physical contact between him and the animals. Couple of frames showed how he was obsessed with the carnivores and even displayed the audacity to pat a 700lbs Grizzly bear. Other scientists spoke openly after the episode was aired, and called Treadwell an outright fool.

It was told in the documentary that Timothy wanted to study the mating behavior of the bears, and had spoken about it in one of his recordings. He was aware of the risks involved during the mating season, as the Grizzlies turn hyper-aggressive and their competitive nature gets triggered easily. A fortnight of extra camping, all it took to cause the demise of a 35 year old. It was evident that he wanted to do something unprecedented, and he knew that no researcher would be allowed to stay in the park after September. He changed his camp location to avoid getting spotted by the patrolling team and was all set to elicit a daredevil act.

The documentary had intensively graphic footages, it even included the part where Timothy and Miranda is getting mauled by the male bear. Although, it was only the audio, filled with horrifying shrieks, still it is enough to disturb the peace of mass audience. It was not clear whether Miranda intended to turn on the camera when the attack took place, or it was merely an accidental tap on the recording button. The lens cap of the camera was not off, but the recorded audio was enough to narrate the entire horrific instance.

Legacy Of Timothy Treadwell Will Continue

Whatsoever, whether Timothy Treadwell was an eccentric wannabe or an unorthodox researcher, it was a great loss for the wildlife conservation society. He dedicated more than 17 years of his life in the conservation of bears and other animals, which are crucial to the ecosystem. Hopefully, the biography of Timothy Treadwell will produce more wildlife conservationists, who will be capable to conserve wildlife while maintaining a safe distance.


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