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The Uncrowned Godfather Of Cricket Produced The Best Players

Cricket is a religion in India and cricketers are gods. In India, the emotion-driven fans worship the cricketers and give them new tags or names to show their reverence. For two and a half decades when Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar was playing, fans gave him the tag of godfather of cricket. Undoubtedly, Sachin proved over and over again that he is an incredible batsman and a warrior with the bat who would destroy the opposition with his sixes and fours. But, carrying the tag of “Godfather of Cricket ” must find some relevance in the character of a cricketer.

If someone is carrying the title of the Godfather of Cricket, it means people see the person as a custodian of the game and would expect the cricketer to promote the game and the best cricketing talent. Unfortunately, Tendulkar has never held the baton of captainship for too long in his life, simply because he wanted to focus on his personal batting and wanted to contribute by his batting skills.

Who Is The Godfather Of Cricket?

who is the godfather of cricket

In real sense, a deserving title of godfather of the cricket is highly debatable and such terms or tags are coined by the fans of cricket and there is no such official title. But, still, if we have to choose someone as the godfather of the cricket, it should purely be based on the overall value the cricketer added to the game instead of gaining personal numbers. Globally, if we see there are dozens of legends who deserve a lot of respect and love from the people but cricket as a game is worshiped in the Indian subcontinent.

The largest viewership of cricket comes from India, reason being the huge population and world’s second largest sports league like IPL organized by the Indian cricket board BCCI.  Among the fine group of cricketing legends in India, MS Dhoni is a name who would hardly have any hater in the world.

MS Dhoni played 538 international matches in total and had a winning percentage of around 55% in this captaincy career. It is not just about the statistic which makes MS Dhoni  the godfather of cricket, it is the way he carried the burden of Indian cricket in the biggest transition phase which gets him the title of Godfather of Cricket In India and in fact in the world.

MS Dhoni took up the captaincy when Indian cricket was totally stagnated and the team hardly won any ICC events. However, Saurav Ganguly put the spark in the team and had tried to teach how to win big tournaments and how to win cricket matches outside subcontinent. However, the seed what Ganguly sowed, didn’t sprout as much until MS Dhoni took up the baton and in first ever ICC tournament of T20 2007 world cup as a captain, the young MS Dhoni bamboozled the big teams by leading Indian cricket team to the way of victory and winning the first-ever T20 world cup tournament.

MS Dhoni is the godfather of cricket across the world because of the kind of players he produced, nurtured and promoted during his captaincy, which manifested the great leadership quality and selfless trait of him.


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Why Dhoni Is The Godfather Of Cricket?

It’s not just the impressive statistics that MS Dhoni only to prove his worthiness as the Godfather of Cricket, it’s his also his unparalleled leadership as well which helped in the careers of dozens of other Indian cricketers made who they are today.  Almost every Indian cricketer who played under MS Dhoni mentioned that how they seek his mentorship during the struggles and when they are not doing good.

Dhoni has always been known for his unique style of gut-based or sixth-sense captainship where many cricket analysts believed that he was just extremely lucky and whatever decision he took worked because luck favored him. But, can such luck last for a decade of captaincy in 332 international matches?

It’s clear that Dhoni had an unorthodox style in the way he conducted ad played his cricket. Not just the individual excellence, the wicket-keeper batsman could spot potential in any player in a flash.

It is the godfather of cricket, MS Dhoni who gave opportunity the great Virat Kohli and promoted the hitman Rohit Sharma up the order identifying their potential. Not just the two big names of Indian cricket, Dhoni instilled the culture in Indian cricket team to play the game while focusing on the process and not the results. The ideological shift given by Mahendra Singh Dhoni to the Indian cricket helped the team to keep producing brilliant results without depending on specific individuals like in 1990’ and 2000’s.

Dhoni is not just the godfather of cricket in India but in fact he won the respect of the greatest legends of the game from around the world. It’s his status as a world class captain and his explosive batting that even at the age of 39, in the World Cup 2019, the whole nation’s and cricket team’s reliability was on his shoulders when he took the losing Indian team close to the mouth of victory before losing by a margin.

Players Given By Godfather Of Cricket In India

The godfather of cricket MS Dhoni discovered and nurtured many cricketers during his tenure in the game. The biggest names would remain Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma but there are other greats like Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Ishant Sharma, R.Ashwin, Yuzvendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav and many more players who credit MS Dhoni for their progress in the career.

Although, the tag of Godfather Of Cricket is given by the fans to MS Dhoni but if there were any official accolade or title that was to be given to someone then definitely Dhoni would have been right atop the contender’s list.


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