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Fighter Movie Box Office Collection Day 1

fighter movie box office collection

The mega-budget bollywood movie “Fighter” starring Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padkone had a good opening on the box office on the debut day in the cinemas. Fighter movie box office collection in India on Day 1 clocked over ₹ 22 crores across all languages.

Fighter got released on Thursday, 25 January before the long weekend of Republic Day in India. The movie was expected to receive huge numbers of audience in the cinemas on the first day due to its impressive star cast and the love shown by the people in the movie’s trailer.

Pathaan  Vs Fighter Box Office Collection Day 1

Despite the release before the long weekend Fighter movie box office collection on Day 1 remained half of the previous Siddharth Anand release Pathaan which had minted over 57 crores on the first day.

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Fighter Oversees Box Office Collection Day 1

Fighter grossed around ₹8.61 crores from the oversees screening of the movie which took its worldwide collection over ₹30 crores on Day 1.

Audience Engagement In The Theaters For Fighter

The audience engagement in the theatres for the movie on the inaugural day was moderate. In the hindi version of the movie “Fighter” the occupancy in the screen was merely 12% which increased to 36% by the late night screenings. The box office collection of Fighter is expected to increase on the long weekend.

What is The Story Of Fighter Movie?

The movie Fighter is primarily made on the Balakot airstrike that was carried out the Indian Armed Forced as retaliation against the terror attack done by Jaish-e-Mohammad in Kashmir which took out the lives of 40 CRPF Indian soldiers.

With the nationalist sentiments increasing in the youth of India, the director of Fighter, Siddharth Anand cashed in on the sentiments and the trend and came up with Fighter that displays the sequence of events in the Balakot airstrike in a rather glamorized way.

Fighter box office collection on Day 1 indicated that the trend of moviemaking keeping patriotism as the cornerstone is still working and the people are still being drawn towards it.

Start Cast Of Movie Fighter

The Fighter features Hrithik Roshan as the male lead actor in the movie who plays the character of Squadron leader, Shamsher Pathania. Deepika Padukone plays the role of Squadron leader Minal Rathore and Anil Kapoor appears in the movie as the Group captain. Other actors like Karan Singh Grover and Akshay Oberoi played supporting roles in Fighter.

In the movie, most of the actors represented characters who are the part of Indian Army and Air Force and they can be seen fighting for the nation in most parts of this movie.

Fighter Movie Ban In Gulf Countries

The movie Fighter couldn’t obtain the censor’s nod from the gulf countries expect UAE and hence, the movie will not be released in the 6 out of 7 gulf countries. The ban on Fighter in the middle eastern countries will definitely affect the global box office collection since a major percentage of the India diaspora reside in the middle east. Also, a large section of the local population of the middle east also follows bollywood movies avidly.

Budget Of Fighter Movie

Featuring a big and famous start cast, Fighter is made with a budget of ₹ 250 crores. A lot money was spent in the post-production of the movie in its VFX.  Critics have also praised the top-notch VFX quality of Fighter which has been done by famous animation company called DNEG.


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